Take a Stand

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Up The Fight

Protester.io is an open platform for activists to create and run demonstrations that operate similar to crowdfunding campaigns. Like crowdfunding campaigns, protests have goals and time limits, but rather than pledge money, protesters take action to reach a goal.

Goals and Time Limits

A protest has a single call-to-action, a measurable goal, and a set number of days to achieve it. Calls-to-action and goals are customizable, so you’re not limited in what you can accomplish. For example, you can get signs posted, calls made to elected representatives, or any innovative protest you can think of.


When protesters take action, they check-in to the protest and optionally include comments and photos. The check-in comments and photos appear in an activity feed for the protest, which helps builds community.

Innovative Protesting

The best ideas and leaders can come from anywhere. That ’s why anyone can create protests for a movement. Unlocking the power of the crowd fosters innovation, increases engagement, and boosts momentum.